Wheat Storytellers

Emily Yewchuk Photography

Emily is a mom of three humans, one bunny and 6 hens. She's a full time award winning photographer, full time stay at home mom, and part time landscaper (kidding but she gardens a LOT). She loves everything to do with the ocean, flowers, the color pink and photographing her children's adventures. 

We were thrilled to get to work with Emily again this season, she first was a storyteller for Wheat in 2015 and we have been following along with her and her family ever since then. To see her amazing collection of photos as a Spring Summer 2021 Storyteller please click here!

To view more of Emily's work you can find her at:
Website:: www.yewphotography.com
Instagram:: @emilyyew.co





Myriam Outerbridge Photography

I live on the gorgeous Salt Spring Island with my two daughters and husband. My interest in photography grew way before I had kids, but it was the birth of my first daughter that got me picking up the camera frequently. I wanted to capture her childhood in a beautiful way. I do believe that a beautiful outfit can make a good photo a great photo, but I also don’t want to compromise on my kids ability for movement in their day to day play. Wheat kids clothing is the best of both worlds for me. My kids are able to move freely while still looking adorable and stylish... And have I mentioned the colour pallet? A photographers dream really.

We are always delighted to get to work with Myriam and are lucky enough to work with her on some of our own Wheat photoshoots! She has an amazing eye for detail & her photos truly encompass the feel of Wheat Kids. To see her photos as a Spring Summer 2021 Storyteller please click here!

To view more of Myriam's work you can find her at:
Facebook:: www.facebook.com/myriamouterbridge
Instagram:: @myriamouterbridge_photo





Vanessa Simard

Hi! I'm Vanessa - I live in Quebec City with my partner and our two beautiful girls: Aimée and Anne. I am a high school teacher, a camera-enthusiast mama and an obsessive coffee drinker! I found my passion for photography this past year due to the pandemic and the long months spent at home, in which I started to take pictures of my children to document our journey through lockdown. With the negativity all around, I wanted to brighten up my feed with cute pictures of the girls playing and having fun. 

I am obsessed with kids clothing - especially if it has a vintage touch! I think that muted colors, minimalist designs and a timeless style enhance a child’s beauty. Needless to say, I literally fell in love with Wheat Kids Clothing!

Vanessa is a new storyteller for us this season and we are thrilled to collaborate and see her darling girls adventures in their Wheat clothing. To see her collection of photos as a Spring Summer 2021 Storyteller please click here!

To view more of Vanessa's photos you can find her at:
Instagram:: @vnss.smrd