About Us

Our Canadian Team

Wheat Kids Clothing is a Canadian family run business operating from the beautiful West Coast of British Columbia. We brought the Danish kids brand WHEAT to Canada in 2014.

We believe strongly in using sustainable materials in as many areas of our business as possible, from organic cotton to recycled fabrics and compostable mailing bags.

We also believe that children learn from play – indoor and outdoor - and their clothing must allow for unrestricted movement.

We love connecting with our customers so don’t hesitate to reach out and say hi via Instagram or email!

Now found worldwide in over 45 countries, Wheat's clothing is designed to ensure your child's freedom of movement while focusing on increasing our role in sustainability, ethical manufacturing practices, and safe clothing materials.

Our Founders & Designer

Wheat began in 2002, when Danish couple Charlotte & Peter Galsgaard experienced a Scandinavian market filled with polyester and other synthetic materials.

They made it their mission to create a brand focusing on natural fibres, sustainability, and passionate values, combined with a clear design DNA.

Their dedication to natural fibres, along with Denmark's summertime wheat fields, became the inspiration for the brand name Wheat!

Scandinavian Design

With Charlotte's clear design direction and the couple's three children as inspiration, Wheat focuses on signature hand-drawn prints and graphics each season.

”I have always loved the charismatic Swedish artist and painter, Carl Larsson, and he is therefore a great inspiration for my designs of hand drawn signature-prints.” - Charlotte Galsgaard

The Wheat Story