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The Wheat Team

Kerry and Susan, Kat and Aaron


We are the family behind Wheat Canada: Kat, Aaron (and Miss A), together with Kerry and Susan (Kat’s folks).

We started our business in Alberta, Canada, in the spring of 2014. By the spring of 2015, we transitioned our family business to the beautiful West Coast of Canada, where we now live (quite a feat to be sure! See more here).   

Like many parents, we struggled with dressing our daughter Abby. In a world where little girls’ clothes are often designed to help make them look ‘trendy’ and beyond their years, we wanted something classic and built to play. Clothing that is the epitome of comfort, yet practical and stylish. 

The idea to bring WHEAT to Canada came about on a business trip to NYC in 2013. In a Brooklyn boutique we discovered dresses by a brand we knew nothing about (yet) - and we loved them. Upon returning home we started researching where to find the brand locally only to discover it was not yet available in Canada! Being entrepreneurs already we knew we had to be the ones to introduce WHEAT to our fellow Canadians.

From underwear and basic layers, to outerwear and accessories, we fell in love.

In Susan’s Words: “Kerry and I (Susan) knew that when Aaron and Kat came home from a business trip with an immediate passion for WHEAT brand, they must be onto something. Their eagerness to build this business, and the family’s strong dynamic, made us want to join them in this challenge. With retirement on the horizon, we, as an entrepreneurial pair could not resist one more challenge, especially with Aaron and Kat. We, too, immediately fell in love with the WHEAT aesthetic, functionality and detailed construction.”

 Kat, Aaron and Abby


Our Vision

Our vision was to create an amazing online store where we could sell the clothing direct to families across Canada. We have now taken this concept across all of North America as of winter 2015!

We believe that no clothing should be too precious to be played in. This is most evident when our 5 1/2 year old is twirling and dancing one minute and digging in a sandbox the next - all the while wearing a cute little dress. As parents, we also know that kids go through several outfits per day - so we created our basic 3 packs, outfit bundles and underwear packs. Our clothing is also broken down into ColourStories, to make mornings a breeze, and mixing and matching effortless. 

We love everything about this clothing line, and each and every order is hand-picked and packed by us with care.

We sincerely hope you get to know us, and discover the amazing quality of our brand. We want to make shopping with us easy, and are here to answer any of your questions by email: We can’t wait to hear from you!


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