Meet the Team

We are Aaron & Kat and together with our team we run Wheat Kids Clothing here in North America! Here are 5 cool things we thought we'd share with you!

  1. We run Wheat Kids Clothing from an island on Canada's West Coast. We have lived here for 4 years and we ❤️ island life!
  2. We run Wheat Kids with a small team of 6 amazing people. Each order for you is hand-picked and packed by one of us. We ❤️seeing the styles you pick for your littles each season!
  3. Just over a year ago we decided to offer Wheat to other retailers, so now you can find Wheat styles in lots of your favourite baby boutiques and department stores.
  4. A lot of people ask what it's like to be a husband and wife team working together and we honestly ❤️ it!
  5. We ❤️ working with Peter & Charlotte (the founders & designers of Wheat) and their team in Denmark to help bring this line of beautiful Danish clothing to all you of you here in North America!

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