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Behind-the-Scenes: Fall Photo-shoot

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Say Cheese!  WHEAT smiles for the camera (and Fall of course!).

We had a little photo shoot with Miss A and some of her friends last week at our friends Twitchy Fingers Photography Studio.  Needless to say, there are no camera shy kiddos on the WHEAT team.  We captured the sweetest behind-the-scenes shots of our mini models in action.

Take a peek…

Here is Mr. F demonstrating these clothes really are built to play.


Miss A is a curious one - perhaps a future photographer on our hands?


Miss A continues to help with the fall photoshoot #fallforWHEAT


These two! Just precious.

Stay tuned for the full collection of images from this fun Fall photoshoot day.  To shop the outfits, see what our mini-models were wearing below.

Mr. F:

Sailor Knit Zipper $48
Basic Long Sleeve T-Shirt $12
Chinos - $37

Miss A:

Classic Cardigan $44
Skirt Ena - $42
Basic Girls T-Shirt LS $12
Ivory Tights- $7

The WHEAT family.

15 FUN facts about our outerwear.

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WHEAT has been gearing up for the COLD Canadian winter that is just around the corner. Although we are enjoying the beautiful fall weather we have been having, we know all too well what lies ahead.  

Keeping our kids warm (and of course comfortable) so they can enjoy playing outside in the snow is super important to us, and our outerwear will do just that!  

We love sharing with parents what makes us different, so here are some fun facts about WHEAT’s Outerwear Collection:

We can not wait to see all the WHEAT kids running around this winter.   Cozy, warm, stylish and most importantly: built to play in. 

Check out our 2014 Outerwear Collection today!  

Your Canadian WHEAT Family

Susan, Kerry, Kat, Aaron & Miss A!

WHEAT's Whirlwind Summer Tour

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This summer the WHEAT Family hit the road, and we took our beautiful clothes to the West Coast. During June we set up shop in Vancouver BC at a gorgeous warehouse space thanks to The China Town Experiment. Here is a look at our week at the West coast!


Since our return from beautiful British Columbia we have been busy prepping our warehouse and our website for the exciting launch of our fall collection. 

Overall its been an exciting first season for us here at WHEAT. Both online and in our travels we have met some amazing families and darling kids. We have seen the tribe of #wheatkids continue to grow all across Canada. We are so excited to continue to bring your little ones beautiful, comfortable clothes that are made for kids to play!

We hope you had a beautiful summer to! 

~ The Wheat Family

WHEAT Wish: Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away!

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From the fine attention to detail we place into each outerwear garment, to each fun design that adds a pop of sunshine to the rainiest of days, we take pride in our rainwear and outerwear here at WHEAT. We’re not joking when we talk about serious attention to outerwear detail. Take a peek at our blog post with some fun facts – from zippers to weather proofing, we want to you have fun in the elements and stay dry too!


Are you ready to grab your umbrella and do a little dancing in the rain with us, yet?

Happy Puddle Jumping,


Your Canadian WHEAT Family

Susan, Kerry, Kat, Aaron & Miss A!

WHEAT was founded in 2002 by a Danish couple Charlotte and Peter Galsgaard. Charlotte is Wheat's chief designer and the creator of the beautiful collections of clothing available for boys & girls. Today we sit down with her to find out what inspired her when designing this season's looks, as well as what some of her favourite things are about the design process. 


Kat: Spring! A breathe of fresh air. Tell us, what would you say most inspired you when designing the 2014 Spring and Summer Collections?

Charlotte: The inspiration for Spring/Summer 2014 was the Scandinavian summertime. With this season comes long summer days, the sun, flowers and berries. I was also inspired by the circus and camping, and also bounty beaches in Hawaii. I have been sailing since I was a little girl and the sea has always been important for me.
It is always amazing to start up a Spring/Summer collection, I love the spring when everything starts to grow and the forest becomes light green and the forest “floor” is a soft green carpet with flowers.

Susan: What do you look forward to most about designing for Spring each year?

Charlotte: The wonderful thing about designing Spring and Summer collections is that you can choose light fabrics and colours. I love pastel coloured drawings and prints on fabric. Also the garments are often easier to work with on a Spring collection since the demands and functionality are less this time of year. You can be more “playful”.

Kat: When you're designing Spring outerwear, what are some of the things you like to keep in mind to ensure the most comfortable, versatile fit for various environments? Like in Denmark, we in Canada can certainly feel the difference between the four seasons. 

Charlotte: The outerwear lines are very different in Scandinavian culture even compared to the rest of Europe. As you mention, similar to Canada, our children are outside playing a lot and since we have both rain and the temperatures changes, it's important to design clothing that can be functional in all of these types of weather conditions. Water pressure and breathability is very important. The seams have to be taped,  and we need to ensure that the clothing is, comfortable and has, a good freedom of movement so the children can play.

Susan: Did you use any new fabrics this season? If so, which is your favourite and why?

Charlotte: Yes. I used a new woven bamboo fabric, which is very soft and falls beautifully, creating ,nice designs for the girls clothing in particular.

One of my personal favourites is a woven 70% bamboo/30% cotton with flower print in purple colours. I also like the woven Chambray in 100% cotton which I have used to design, garments for both boys and girls it is one of my one favourites. This fabric is so elegant and I love the colour.  

Kat: How do you choose your colour palettes for each of the colour stories? It must be so hard!

Charlotte: I try to keep a close eye on the trends and I also attend different trend seminars throughout the year. It is a natural process. When you start a new collection you already have a lot of pictures and colours mapped out inside your head.

Susan: What do you love the most about Spring? 

Charlotte: One of the things I love the most is to run in the forest and see from day to day how it gets greener and greener. I love when it is time to plant in my greenhouse and to see all the flowers is growing in the garden. I love our long bright summer nights – Spring  and Summer are, are magic :)

Kat: Magic indeed! We would love to hear anything else you have to say about your design process or Wheat! Any closing thoughts?

Charlotte: Every time a new season nears, every time I am traveling ore going for a walk in the nature every time I visit Copenhagen I can find new inspiration. Every day I can go to work and design prints ore garments for children - I feel that I am a very lucky that way!

Kat & Susan: Wonderful! Thank you so much for your insight. Always a pleasure catching up with you. 

Canadian WHEAT fans, if you have any questions for us or our designer, let us know by writing to and we'll be sure to share our findings.X

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